How to Get a Better Singing Voice in a Few Simple Steps

“Inborn talent”, mama said. “That’s all it takes to sing in public”; but what if you found out there is a way how to get a better singing voice that could be applied to all individual cases According to recent surveys, too many people are holding back their singing abilities just because they think they are simply not good enough.

If you however, feel there is something else for you in singing, than just pure manifestations of a God-sent gift, this method may work wonders. Just by following some simple, yet precise steps, you can learn how to get a better singing voice regardless of any previous training or experience.

Up to a certain point, mama was right when she said some people do possess a unique inborn talent that makes them sound well when they sing. Still so, thanks to years of development in vocal technique by prestigious speech specialists, we can now make use of several of the most useful tips for singing better. We thus, present you with a simple step-by-step method that will help you improve your singing voice in no time.

Where you’re at

One of the very first steps that ought to be taken before you even think about singing in public is to learn what your capabilities are. Most of all, you should be able to identify what is your type of singing voice. Although the different ways of classifying singing voices vary greatly within cultures and musical styles, they can be useful to set a starting point or to help narrow the choice of musical styles.

This step is vital if you are to feel comfortable while singing. If you take a look at your favorite singers, you will notice that they all excel at one particular singing style and only a handful of chosen ones are able to tackle diversity successfully.

While it doesn’t take an expert to identify a voice type, some musical training is definitely needed. Consequently, seeking the advice of an expert will help you set a starting point. According to your vocal range, vocal weight, timbre and other technical qualities, the expert will be able to identify what is your type of singing voice and how to choose the best tunes for it.

Superior Singing Method

Learning how to get a better singing voice & tone

At first sight, this step sounds almost too hypothetical to achieve. However, there is a simple quick fix singing coaches have been teaching for years that can help you improve your singing tone almost right away.

Begin by standing in front of the mirror –developing body consciousness is a very important step- and practice vocalizing all vowel sounds: A-E-I-O-U in their open forms. As you do so, notice the position of your jaw and keep track of how you open or close in each sound. Chances are that you are closing on the E and the U. This is a natural response. However your goal should be to keep your jaw open long-wise throughout the entire exercise as this will ensure that your throat muscles –and consequently, your vocal cords- are more relaxed and less tensed.

Mastering this trick may take longer in some cases. Chillax! You will eventually learn just how to get a better singing voice & tone as your muscle memory gets more and more training. There will come a time when the new position comes out naturally. If you fell it is taking too long to learn, you can always help yourself by using a plastic bottle cap or cork to make sure that your jaw remains open throughout the entire exercise.

Pump it up

Another key element in a good singer is being able to enhance vocal power without reflecting any strain. Nothing sounds as awful as screeching high notes. Since the human body is after all, the musical instrument that is to be used for singing, all desired effects can be achieved by learning how to use that instrument in a more positive way.

A simple technique can be of much help when power is the aim. Just by pointing your chin slightly downwards and flexing your pectorals a bit, more power will be released from within. Also, avoid the temptation of lifting your chin up for higher notes; head bobbing will only make you lose air, thus making the voice sound shaky.

Fixed Mindset

Visualizing the sounds that you are producing is an effective way of making the most out of your voice. Think down for low notes, and think up for high ones. Likewise, identifying a particular organ with certain notes has been shown to help singers focus on the desired note.

Visualization will also help you improve your breathing, which is the firm foundation upon which powerful and consistent singing is based. When body and mind are aligned, air flows in more deeply and the exercises that you do become almost a natural part of your singing style.

Superior Singing Method

Develop musical phrasing

Mumbling through your song will not only be detrimental to performance, but also to voice quality. Properly shaping out the words of a song can make the whole difference if you are to get better at singing.

Perhaps phrasing exercises are among the most boring ones for a struggling singer. However, they will certainly pay off when the moment comes to share your new singing voice with your audience.

Most phrasing exercises involve using all previous knowledge; pitch, volume, consistency and enunciation. A good voice may be a gift, but proper phrasing can make any singing voice sound much more pleasant.

Take care of your voice

Most of us are pretty clueless about how negative certain habits can be for our voice. Everyday simple things, like using air conditioning, having iced drinks or smoking can seriously damage our singing voices.

Warming up before singing, sleeping well, avoiding strain when we are sick or have a sore throat or wearing scarves in cold weather are good examples of the types of habits that will help us look after our throats.

Learning how to get a better singing voice also involves loving your voice and developing a certain awareness of how pleasant we can sound can help us improve our stamina, which is in great part, what an artist is ultimately made of.

5 Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners to Sound like a Professional

Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners

Find more about these easy songs to sing for beginners, and bring out your talent and sing like a professional by with these simple songs. If you are the new vocalist and trying to sing songs, then you will soon realize that you have to learn a lot. You cannot become a singer overnight, but if you know how to catch the pitch, lines, facial expression, and tone, then you will become a singer in just a matter of time.

Initially, you may face some emotional and physical issues due to rattling nerves and entire craft of other technical issues it can become little overpowering. To lessen the stress you should choose easy songs to sing for beginners so that you can practice your singing comfortably. Selecting the easy songs can help you reduce the emotional weight on your brain, and also, it helps you focus better when you sing.

The first step in choosing the song is, you should understand what easy songs to sing for beginners and what makes the song easy to sing. You should know if the song that you selected meets the criteria, it should be easy to sing and suites to the new or beginner vocalists. The criteria include:

  • The song should be simple, melodious and should not have any difficult intervals, which means it should have a gap between one notes to another.
  • The song should have simple lyrics so that the singer can pronounce it correctly.
  • Straightforward timing, which means the notes, should fall on the beat and with low syncopation.

The song should be approximately on octave range or less. And so on and so forth. Here you can find some easy songs to sing for beginners that can help you sing beautiful songs without any vocal issues.

1. El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel

Many of you will agree that this is one of the best Peruvian Song because the singers Simon and Garfunkel did a cover version of it. It is a considerably oldest song on the list as the song written in 1913. The great Paul Simon included English lyrics to it and Art Garfunkel sang the song and launched the Album Bridge over Troubled Water.

The song has outstanding lyrics and beautiful melody and the perfect song to sing for beginners. The range of the song is octave and has a lot of pitches in the chest record. If you like this song, then surely you will like other songs by Simon & Garfunkel, including Bridge over Troubled Water and Scarborough Fair. El Condor Pasa is an instrumental piece, and the song is written based on customary Andean Music, it’s a folk music from Peru. Over 4000 version of melody songs has been created based on this song. Also, in 2004, Peru announced the song as part of NCH (National Cultural Heritage).

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2. Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley

Love me tender song had become an instant hit even before it got released. The popular singer Elis sang this melodious song on a TV show, just before it was released and instantly, millions of people made advanced orders for the album. It is a beautiful love song with simple melody and remarkable lyrics. The song can be sung by moth females and males if they could switch to the right key. It is the best song to sing for beginners, as it allows you to show off your voice even if you could not get Elvis vibration, it still sounds great.

Love Me Tender song recorded in 1956 by the famous singer Elvis Presley, and it was published by EPM (Elvis Presley Music). The song becomes an instant hit, and it was no.1 on both Cashbox Charts in 1956 and the Billboard. Several directors featured this song in their movies, including, This is Elvis, Touched by Love, FM, Wild at Heart, Pork’s Revenge, Die Hard 2, Backbeat, Honeymoon in Vegas, and more.

3. Sunny by Boney M

Sunny song written by Bobby Hebb, he wrote this song just after the murder of his older brother and the assassination of the U.S. President J.F. Kennedy. Though Bobby lost his brother, and he was utterly hurt, but could still manage to write hopeful lyrics. Sunny is the most popular songs and based on this song many people released hundreds of different versions because the song has the positive message and catchy melody.

Bobby Hebb wrote this song, and soon it became one of the most published and performed songs. It also took 25th place in Top 100 Songs of the Century. The song Sunny recorded at BSS (Bell Sound Studios) located in NYC, and it was published as a single in 1966. It became a hit as Hebb toured with The Beatles in 1966. The song got no.2 position on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in August 1966. According to the report, the song became more popular than any of the Beatles songs.

4. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

I can see clearly now, this song released in the 1970s as a single and became very successful in the U.S and the U.K. The song also reached to number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1970s. The song was recorded and performed by several artists. Many of you might have seen this song in a movie Cool Runnings as a film soundtrack. The lyrics and the melody of the song are easy, and you can memorize the lyrics effortlessly.

Johnny Nash wrote this song, and the writer recorded it. Many artists used the song for several years, including Jimmy Cliff‘s hit version released in 1993. The song reached the top 20 position on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The song also featured in several other films, including The Break-Up, Grosse Pointe Blank, Thelma & Louise, Envy, Igor, Hitch, and more.

Superior Singing Method

5. Top of the World by the Carpenters

Top of the world song was written and recorded by John Bettis and Richard Carpenter, and the song was released in 1972. It hit the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100 list. It was in number position for two weeks in the year 1973. The songwriters initially wanted it as an album cut, but Lynn Anderson a country music singer covered the song and released it as a single. Even Lynn’s version topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart and reached number two position.

Top of the world song is easy to sing, and it has an upbeat rhythm, excellent melody and gives a positive message. The song was in Movie Shrek Forever After as movie soundtrack

In Conclusion

Finding easy songs to sing for beginners can be challenging especially the melodious songs that are easy to sing. Singing a song for your loved ones can be an extremely generous act of love.

Once you choose the song to sing, then you should select the key that matches to your voice, it should not be too low or too high. When you are still in learning stage, the best advice is, do not pick the key that will strain your vocal when you are trying to hit the higher notes. The best thing to do is practice with backing tracks.